Do you have a game you'd like us to consider publishing? Well, we are currently not accepting submissions. But once we begin accepting them again, our submission process and the games we are looking for are below.


Submitting a game to us is a 3-step process:

  1. Please email us a 1-page sell sheet and we'll have a look. Here is a Flickr gallery Jeremy Commandeur made that has some fantastic examples of sell sheets. And here is a more in-depth, 1 hour video by Sydney Engelstein on creating sell sheets and more generally, how to improve your pitch.
  2. If the sell sheet looks like it might be something we'd consider publishing, we'll ask for a How to Play video.
  3. If it still looks like a fit, we'll ask for a physical copy of the game.


The games we are looking for ALL fit the following requirements, so please make sure your game does before you submit it to us: