You are the captain of a flying saucer who has crash landed on Earth You must gather enough crewmembers to operate your ship, abduct the leader of Earth, and escape before your opponents can do the same. It supports 2-6 players and takes less than 45 minutes.

Your ship will require an Engineer, Scientist, Doctor, and Pilot to be fully operational. You will have to locate them and then pick them up using pre-planned movement. Getting your original crewmembers will be ideal, but anyone will do.

Each round, all players simultaneously choose a movement card from their hand to play on their turn that round. You will also place accelerator and decelerator tokens on the board to either help your own saucer maneuver or or to mess with your opponents' plans. By the time you actually execute your movement card, the board may have changed, which leads to hilarious mistaken movements and collisions.

You will also gain energy throughout the game, which will power up ship upgrades, giving you unique powers as the game progresses, which will likely influence the best strategy for you to use in the middle and end game.

Will you be the first to grab the leader of Earth and escape the planet?!


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